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That Guy With The Glasses Art Meme

Was supposed to be done on Friday, but I got, eh, distracted. ^^'


1. I wanna do my hair highlights something similar to this in the future, but when I tried doing it on any other part on this meme, it looked really terrible.
2. That entire episode was completely hilarious. It was a great cure for my grief over my cat's death. [bricked for morbidness] :D
3. (They also happen to be my TGWTG OTP.)
4. I'm starting to think that I should've drawn myself with a cane in hand now. If anyone can take a guess as to what the title of that book is, then you are awesome. (Hint: The color should give you a clue.)
5. Referencing the Junior review. (Eh, no thank you to mpreg! Too squicky to me!) O__O
6. Don't get me wrong; Todd's a funny dude, even when he's doing a review that I disagree with. I just happen to contend with some of his opinions on occasion.
7. Not really. I just 1) had no idea what this was referencing and 2) wanted to add in that little in-joke. Should've given myself a gun to shoot the wall with, though. XD
8. Yeah... O///O
9. I just love (good) crossovers.
10. Seriously. I'm shit with comedy, as you've probably noticed with this meme.
11. I misread the prompt, so by the time I noticed that, I already had the sketches down. References taken from here:
12. I forgot to add in the fedora. Shame on me.
13. This reference is so overt, it's covert. ;)
14. (I'm starting to think that I should add Paul Anderson to the list, for... reasons.) ^///^
15. Yeah, no offense intended to the meme creator. ^^'
16. You guys remember how much the Critic freaked out the first few times with the Bat Credit Card, right? Imagine what would happen if he suddenly got one in the mail. [scared]
17. I can't believe SadPanda didn't get a nod here until now. Sorry, man. But please don't make my tablet into a portal! I really don't wanna die from a heart attack.
18. Fuck! I forgot to strike out a certain word there. [bricked] The book was like an early birthday present for me. I was completely euphoric immediately after buying it at Barnes & Nobles. 8D


PROGRAMS USED: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS3

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Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Eh, okay. Rant time..?


Why do I have to live in a home where I become the disappointment in the family for getting a C in a difficult AP class? How come I'm never anyone of my friend's #1 choices in anything? Where do I have to go to find someone that sees me as important in some way? When will I ever stop being so fucking self-deprecating? (A part of me is pretty sure that it might not be healthy for me.)

And lastly, who sees asking such inane questions as ranting?! Seriously, I've gotta be a complete Dummkopf to waste everyone's time by just asking questions that will never get answered.

…Was that good enough? [blink]

By the way, LJ staff, go fly a kite. A lot of the groups and comms on this website need those comment subject boxes in order to function properly, especially the kink memes. inception_kink and shkinkmeme especially need them because the (majority of the) people there use them to show the subject of their prompts. If anything, at least bring back those subject lines for everybody.
Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.
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Master List (That Guy With The Glasses) [one-shots]

11.24.11: I have a feeling that I'll be needing this, because I'm starting to get some ideas for one-shots for this fandom.

Please note that one-shots from this particular fandom will not be on my account, but instead will only be found on the Secret Treehouse. So to help keep things organized for myself, I'll be using this master list in order to give anybody that actually wants to read them an easier time with finding the ones they want.

Auf Wiedersehen!
  Naomi Hansen

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